Sean Bentley - Jun 1, 2020

Two Of Our Latest And Greatest Projects Using ACM

Perforated facades have been a relatively recent and popular choice in architecture, especially for the unique and innovative building aesthetic they provide.

Flexibility, safety, lightweight, little maintenance and durability have been but a few of the benefits they provide too, especially when using ACM as the preferred choice of material. There really are few limits to creativity with perforated facades, and the buildings that have made use of it are a testament to that.

There are a number of ways to use perforated facades with aluminium composite material, with endless colour choices. You can enable graphics to be printed on the facade to create a powerful feature for the exterior of large buildings. Detailed patterns can also be easily etched onto aluminium composite material for both interior and exterior uses, creating a truly unique design.

What’s also interesting is how perforated facades, walls, panels and screens can be used to control the level of light that enters a building. A large amount of light can be let in, whilst still offering privacy to those inside the building. Not only can this help with light and privacy, but it’s also a good choice for heat and ventilation which is often a key consideration with our South African conditions.

All in all, a number of contemporary effects can be achieved using ACM perforated facades. And we’re about to show you just how creative you can really get. The following two projects are some of our most recent work and show exactly what you can achieve with ACM as your preferred perforated facade material.


Sandton - 24 Central on Gwen Lane


In our first project for 24 Central, these images really speak for themselves!  The interior perforated facades with aluminium composite material were part of an entire revamp for this complex. In the main reception area, you’re met with a multifaceted facade that illustrates a crowd scene moving within the atrium with a sense of purpose.


Blend’s ACM was also used to create a 17m facade, with a sculptural and 3-dimensional element within the atrium section of the building. This 17-meter high multi-level backlit cladding concept with horizontal canopies is a truly unique screen application that combines timeless messaging through a modern design application.


The concept of the design really does mimic the hustle and bustle of people that the building experiences on a daily basis and the perforated design becomes an effective vehicle for communication and storytelling. Of course, it wouldn’t have been possible without Head Interiors whom we worked collaboratively with.

Project Details:

  • ACM Interior panel 3mm 0.3
  • 100 m2
  • Colour: Metallic silver


Durban - Prince Edward Government Garage

crhutNGQ (1)

Our second project on display is the Prince Edward Government Garage project in Durban. This was a community-driven project to help maintain the existing infrastructure in the area and revamp it. This building was in much need of a redesign and has been completely transformed with a beautiful, practical exterior. The result was an affordable office accommodation and a spectacular 1500m2 perforated facade representing a concept of, The Helping Hand.

The concept of The Helping Hand portrayed exactly what the Department of Social Development does. They offer a helping hand to groups within society such as children and families, youth, women, older persons, HIV and AIDS infected and affected families, and people with disabilities. We love how this project came out, and we’re happy we could have been part of such a great project.

Project Details:

  • ACM exterior 4mm
  • 1500m2
  • Colour: Raw Grey


Using ACM for additional finishes

These two projects are just a small example of the magnitude of creative options that can be done with ACM. In fact, there are many different uses and great ways to use aluminium composite panels. And ACM is used for so much more than perforated facades.

For starters, we know that ACM is used for its antibacterial properties in hospitals, with a 99.99% effectiveness against harmful bacteria. Aluminium composite material also has incredible fire-resistant properties, little to no maintenance required, and even has a 10 - 20+ exterior warranty.

With ACM, we can also mimic expensive materials or create unique textures. The next time you require a material speak to Blend to see if our aluminium composites could be your solution. Get in touch with our team of experts to give you a quote today, or request a sample.


Written by Sean Bentley