Sean Bentley - Apr 15, 2020

Endless Diversity Of Colour Choice With ACM

As you may already known, aluminium composite material, or better know as ACM, is a strong sheet made of pre-finished aluminium, bonded to a polythene core. It’s light weight, durability, fire-resistant qualities and cost make it an attractive choice for both outdoor and indoor signage or other finishings. Not to mention, it’s also an eco-friendly choice, as aluminium composites are completely recyclable, with a low carbon footprint to manufacture.

But did you know that there is a wide variety of colour options for aluminium composite materials? The colour options are hugely diverse, meaning it has the potential to replace other materials or finishes very effectively.

Apart from the usual colours like black and white, colours like red and blue aluminium composite panels can be supplied with almost any finish and texture you may require from wood grain finishes, marble, mirror and even stone. What’s more is that with the diversity of colour choice, we’re also able to achieve a more bespoke finish such as corten steel, concrete and textured finishes. That’s right, ACM can even mimic expensive materials or create new, unique textures. The options are almost endless.

We have over 70 standard aluminium composite material colours to choose from and over 300 colours on our database that are already matched. Special colours are also available on request. Some of the popular choices include:

  • Matt finishes
  • Metallic finishes
  • Colour changing prismatic finishes
  • Mirror finishes in silvers, golds and more
  • Special finishes such as corten steel, concrete, brushed coppers and more

Currently, these special finishes are also only available at Blend and make for a more cost-effective alternative to using the original material.


There are certain finishes that are standard when it comes to ACM. For example, a popular finish in cladding and residential areas is anthracite grey. This colour is a preferred choice because of its similarity to the charcoal window frames that have become a trendy installation in recent years. Black, white, metallic greys and silvers are always a favourite for the construction industry as these colours are timeless.

How can ACM be better than using the original material?

It’s a question that is asked quite often. And we have a good answer.

For example, if you need to construct a balustrade or facia with a beautiful dark wood grain, this material would require varnishing and painting at least every 2 to 3 years, despite the cost of the material choice. Utilising a wood grain finish with aluminium composite panels would not only be cost effective to install but will also require zero maintenance cost. In fact, all that is required is a gentle wash down with clean water every three months.

It’s aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting, environmentally friendly, with no maintenance needed. This makes aluminium composite panels a cost-effective and worthy solution to cladding. But that’s not all, we can take ACM a step further too.

What you may not know is that ACM has great antibacterial properties. As we spend most of our time indoors, we’re constantly exposed to thousands of microbes, bacteria and germs that are not visible under normal viewing conditions which can have an effect our human health over time. This is where building materials can come to play to ensure greater resistance to bacteria. It’s also what makes ACM a suitable material choice for laboratories, hospitals, butcheries, food dispensary outlets or public ablution facilities. ACM is the perfect material to use in areas where hygiene is of paramount importance.

corrador cladding-1

Are there any risks?

One concern of aluminium composite material is the potential for it to get scratched, much like your car could be scratched by vandalism. That’s not a problem though. 

Scratch-resistant paint finishes can be produced in any finish enabling peace of mind for the facades at street level or high traffic areas such as bus stops, shopping malls, toilets facilities, parking lots and much more. Whether it’s residential, or commercial, interior or exterior.

Where to get started

How would you like to use aluminium composite materials? With aluminium composite materials, we can mimic almost any expensive material accurately or even create a new and unique texture or colour to give your project the edge you’re looking for.

Our aluminium composites have a guarantee. The next time you require a material speak to Blend to see if our aluminium composites could be your solution. Get in touch with our team of experts to give you a quote today, or request a sample.

Written by Sean Bentley