Sean Bentley - Feb 24, 2020

A Few Great Ways to Use Aluminium Composite Panels

Aluminium composite panels have a growing base of applications and uses, especially in our design-driven South Africa. The core of these solutions is using aluminium composite panels for outdoor cladding, signage and interior design. Let’s discuss the different ways we can use aluminium composite panels in architecture and design across South Africa.



Aluminium composite panels are great for any residential projects. Whether you’re looking for security features on entrance gates, garage doors, privacy screens, sun shading, balustrades, or even skylights – there’s no doubt it can add an element of sophistication and turn the design into something modern and interesting.


Take it a step further and use aluminium composite panels to complete the residential finishing touches such as covering gutters, pipes, window reveals, pool pumps, garden sheds or even gas boxes. It can be used for all outdoor panelling requirements as it is rust-resistant, making it one of the best finishing touches when designing a home.

Gas Covers

Developments and estates

ACM is the perfect material for big developments and estates, especially when it comes to facade cladding. As there is generally a consistent theme in colour which is repeated on each building, it makes for an easy bulk material to work with.

Many architects and developers choose this material for external features because of its lightweight, making it easy to install, as well as it’s durability, which also makes it a great long-term investment. It’s a strong, fire-resistant and clean material that can give a modern, edgy look to any building.


What’s more is that ACM is more affordable than paint in terms of maintenance, considering the guarantee period and wear and tear. Paint fades and cracks and walls will have to be repainted every 3 to 5 years, otherwise, it starts to look run down. Aluminium composite material simply requires a wash down with clean water once every three months, over a 20 year period. It’s that simple and easy.


Aluminium Composite Material For Signage

Aluminium composite material is often used to make unique designs for house numbers, apartment blocks, estate signage or other types of signage. It’s affordable, original and easy to maintain. Plus it looks great! 


Whether you’re looking to create a sign for an indoor area like a reception room, or outdoor space, we can create something that is beautifully designed to your specifications.


Interior design and spaces

Looking for something cutting edge? Excuse the pun. This material is flexible and affordable, making it a good choice for many interior designers and indoor spaces. Create something completely unique and show your creative flair with a design that’s never been seen before.


Many also use this in interior spaces for screens and room dividers, to create a bold statement or a practical space divide that will still create an open-plan space.

Helen Sierra 2


Wait, there’s more.

Did you know that we can supply ACM panels with antibacterial paint? We spend most of our time indoors, at the office, home, or in our cars. This means we are constantly surrounded by microbes, bacteria and germs that are not visible to the naked eye. Many studies have succeeded in finding these disease-causing microbes in such places, as well as concluding the impact they can have on human health. Considering this, technology and building materials must ensure greater resistance to bacteria, especially bigger, public spaces.

Think of airports, hospitals, malls and more. Perhaps you’d like to include this in a new development? We can make the panels look like marble, concrete or tiles, making the design look as sleek as possible.


How would you like to use aluminium composite panels? Chat to our team of experts who can give you a quote today, or request a sample.

Written by Sean Bentley